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Twenty days’ experience from PR0 to PR3

site for almost a month, Baidu only included 6 articles. Not much, but at least Baidu released inside pages, PR from 0 directly to 3, Baidu although only released a few pages, but Baidu home snapshot update to No. 4.4, and from Baidu search brought more than 100 IP. It’s good to tidy up.

return to the main topic, say I am if a short time from PR0 up to PR3, the main method is to find the chain. I am looking for a bit of a PR5, a PR4 and a PR3 pulled up, many people will find that high PR links, rely on your eloquence. In fact, there are many webmaster is not very concerned about the PR, the key is that your station content is good, the interface beauty point of view, do not hang up a bunch of advertising and popups. Especially new sites, not only the webmaster friends antipathy, is Baidu also disgusted, so when the new station, try not to put advertising, clean whole good module for good impression.

is also to go to the blog portal to send an article, and personally think that the better Sohu, Sina, NetEase. Baidu space even, the effect is not good. In some blog articles, bring your link, the effect is more obvious. More than the chain, the weight will be high.

, then the forum, when the forum link article, it is best to link text, color set black, so that God does not know the ghost.

finally is like Baidu know, Q & A and other portals know answer, the effect is also good, can give you increase a lot of anti chain, so PR rise faster.

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