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The wine bottle became a millionaire

in the traditional impression of the people, the success of the people seem to be only a major cause of success can be said to be successful, have you ever thought that some people even if it is to be able to become rich? I do not believe it is not a small series today to take you to see the experience, there is a bottle of wine who later became a millionaire!

graduated from junior high school street close the bottle

1983, Ding Jianming graduated from junior high school, because of family difficulties, drop out of school to return to farming. That year, Ding Jianming was 16 years old. Ding Jianming in the gap to help parents work, riding home only a broken bicycle, gaddest street, collecting wine bottles. Because of being recognized, he bought a large mask, half face a tightly covered. On the first day, Ding Jianming clearly remember, a total of hundreds of miles on the road, and from the waste collection station two times, earned $more than and 10. Although this more than and 10 yuan is not humble, but at that time a national cadre of a month’s wages but also $one hundred or two hundred.

later, Ding Jianming think this is on work to make money, what is not shameful, then remove the mask, openly put away the bottle. Every day just bright, Ding Jianming stood up into the street shouting close the bottle, late in the evening work. At the end of the year is actually net profit of nearly 3000 yuan, Ding Jianming 3 years has become a million households.

in 1990, "Ding Jianming received a bottle of wine" has become the most fashionable topic in the village. The villagers could not sit down, and soon more than and 30 villagers joined him in the ranks of the bottle. They began riding a bike to buy, and later all put on a tricycle, one person a year income of five thousand or six thousand yuan. "Within a radius of 150 kilometers, there are people who swallow wine bottles." Ding Jianming said. A kind of labor force for one year, net income is only four hundred or five hundred yuan, the annual income of wine bottles income of $four thousand or five thousand, this time the villagers have moved up.

signed up as a big boss


Ding Jianming receives more and more wine bottles. He saw some of the local people do not know the ropes, back a lot of special wine bottles, wine bottles are arranged these rare wine, because the shape and texture of special, and from the production of these high-end wine manufacturers far, purchasing generally do not waste this bottle.

Ding Jianming think, these wine bottles are money back, throw away the pity, had to heap them aside. In August 1995, a middle-aged man found Ding Jianming, want to buy these special wine bottles. That’s a good thing. Ding Jianming was very surprised, and asked him what he wanted to do with the bottles, and the man replied, "fake wine."." Ding Jianming did not want to make this kind of conscience money, flatly refused.

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