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Little guy cooking mold earn 3 million a year

now, as long as you have a heart to venture, as long as you dare to act for their own dreams, then you will be able to succeed! Shandong guy zhangyifan after graduating from high school, came to Qingdao as an elegant Chinese restaurant food industry.

The dishes made of


zhangyifan check a lot of information. It is said that as early as a few years ago, the Japanese hotel has this kind of sample, is called the model. Then, he put the idea to consult a number of hotel owners, most people say you can try. Zhang Yifan spent 800 yuan, from the Japanese Yamamoto simulation food processing plant, a "Braised Perch" dish mode.

zhangyifan with dish mode meters to Qiingdao University College of engineering, Professor Liu Yongming expert advice to die. Professor Liu told him the mold production process: the first fish with fixed frame, pour in the fish on the silica gel. When the silica gel is solidified, a small hole is drilled on the top, and then the resin is poured into the hole. After the resin is cooled, it is separated from the outside of the silica gel mould, and the resin model left inside is the forming mould. Remove the edges of coarse grain, with a knife to carve out the food unique potholes and spots, finally, paint and dye color, so the dish mode can be deceptive.

2008, Zhang Yifan after his resignation, borrowed 30 thousand yuan of money, to buy materials and equipment, to start a food mould. Green pepper pork earn ten thousand yuan

zhangyifan spent a week, finally made a few. When he took the dish to the hotel marketing mode, the boss said: "not at all, I don’t give away?" Zhang Yifan had to go to ask Professor liu. Professor Liu told him to die to do dishes, carving, carved and colouring technology. After 3 months of hard work, Zhang Yifan made dozens of dishes, "Sauteed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper", "chicken" and "Goulash" and so on, the price for each 500 yuan.

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