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The two venture to let Thorpe group to reproduce brilliant

will not be able to adapt to the market will be eliminated, in the era of the masses have to venture into the sea, has been operating for a long time, large enterprises are also looking for opportunities for transformation. The Thorpe group in the two entrepreneurs in the stream of brilliant cast, again after 60 years on poineering tide.

12 30, Thorpe group held a "two business" ten management project site to observe and 2016 target responsibility book signing conference, summed up the display stage development achievements, urge all cadres and workers with full enthusiasm to join the "two business", the Thorpe group which was nearly 60 years in the ship "do poineering work the two times" in the stream, forge ahead, Recast brilliant ride the wind and waves.

management project blossom everywhere

Chinese there is an old saying: crisis in the timing, trapped in change. In the current market downturn, a source of income, a lower cost, a plugging loopholes in management, can bring benefits to the group of the group out of the plight of Tim part continued to promote the optimization and upgrading of the management level of the group. However, these 11 projects to observe, top management engineering only showing the group 100 management of project 1/10, is the new normal economy for the two venture group overall development, striving for "two hundred billion Thorpe" target "ice recommended

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