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Several key points of the decoration of the clothing store

clothing store headquarters help, decoration is not worry, there will be a special design drawings to provide. But if you really want to learn something, you have to understand some of the clothing store decoration skills. This is every operators are very concerned about the problem, the clothing store brings fashionable and comfortable products, shop decoration environment will affect our consumers, even the store atmosphere is also very important, because the consumer consumption is need to enter our shop, feel the shop environment, here to talk about clothing shop decoration.

1, clothing store product display cabinet

display cabinet is a very important part of the whole store display, the quality of the display cabinet is directly related to the consumer’s impression of the brand. The choice of clothing display cabinets to the concept of color and brand want to coordinate, but also to foil, rendering products, of course, shop decoration should follow the trend of fashion.

2, fitting room

as a clothing agent, the fitting room must be indispensable, and the fitting room is not big, but in essence. Fitting room is the key to whether the customer to buy the product, which is not only a place for customers to try on clothes, but also the customer feel the product and thinking. Therefore, the planning of the fitting room must be ventilated, air circulation, to be ready to hook, wall tone and lighting should also pay attention to, so that customers try to dress when the warm and natural.

3, cashier

cash register is also an important part of the clothing store space. The design of the cashier’s desk should be in harmony with the display cabinet, which can play the role of decoration and standardization. At the same time, it is also convenient for checkout and storage.

4, light

for the clothing store lighting, is to create a very important element of the atmosphere. Whether it is the color of light, or the type of light, have to be careful. Shop decoration to the customer to create a comfortable and spacious shopping environment, so as to allow customers to easily shop, so as to satisfy the bill. For the choice of color, it is best to warm colors, supplemented by cold tones, so that the combination of cold and warm colors to create a warm store environment.

Design of the

5, a clothing store and the exterior door

clothing store facade decoration to be able to clearly show the brand’s name and logo, but also eye-catching, simple, the atmosphere, the brand’s cultural philosophy should be integrated into the. The choice of color and decoration should be different from the clothing store next door decoration there is a clear difference.

6, consumer rest area set

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