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Two key points for housewives to shop

in today’s society, there are many housewives have been unwilling to do only a housewife at home, there is also a growing number of housewives began to get out of entrepreneurial activity, which is a good way to shop housewife entrepreneurship.

is half the battle to seize opportunities

has been Home Furnishing industry "re decoration, light decoration". But the new house, people always feel the lack of a sense of home". Do business "potential", the trend for the effective flow, multiplier. Ms Hu is precisely identified from the light decoration to heavy decoration this turn potential business opportunities.

"spotted the opportunity you have half the success." Ms. Hu said. From the start of the first fabric store for two years, her business is booming, a less than 20 square meters of shops, monthly income actually reached more than 50 thousand yuan.

The key is to shop at

"shop, the key to find customers, identify the location. Ms Wu said that she had chosen to Wong Street this small alley shop, is mainly located in the downtown area around the children’s clothing market potential consumer space."   love home, family of young mothers who, after buying their children with children’s clothing, it is likely to be home to buy some home decoration cloth arts and crafts. In particular, the rich are expanding, the number of cars increased, they have a lot of consumer demand and capacity.

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