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What is the name of the store note

to any shop on a good name, in fact, there will be a lot of attention to our attention. In short, to make the name of the shop more successful, we must pay attention to everywhere. So, what are the names of the store notice?

1, the name must match the name of goods store and management method, can usually reflect the operator’s operating characteristics, or to reflect the excellent quality of the main store, so that consumers easily identify shop business scope, and have the desire to buy.

For example,

" ", " Tongrentang; deyitang, " as the time-honored Chinese medicine shop is known to every family, don " " as a traditional Chinese medicine shop has become a common identification mark, so people only see " Tongrentang " what other signs or " " sign, on the hall; what is selling Chinese medicine. And as " Gongdelin; " the name, which reflects the operator good cooking vegetable dish.

2, the store name must be novel, can quickly grasp the consumer name conform to no conventional pattern, visual stores must be novel, can cause the interest of consumers, they attract shops, such as " a fresh, " " ", Dasanyuan; " " the shop name Goubuli;, so that consumers are interested in and curiosity.

3, the name of the store should be simple and easily readable name for good, not too complex, otherwise it will cause negative effects. For example, some stores with difficult word for the name of love, so that customers can not only understand, but also can not read the note, to avoid this situation, the general is not this kind of difficult to know the name of the shop door. Like ", " " wankelai; half " ", " taste; and other names, is simple to understand, easy to spread.

4, the name of the store should give a person with aesthetic and artistic accomplishment of good name, cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable. Such as ", " Lou Wailou Restaurant; " " Tao taoju; class name.

5, the store name must be carried out after the test in order to determine whether the shop name and name, good or bad, so as not to affect the wealth of the trouble and later renamed development.

makes a good name for the store, just as we humans have a good name, and that’s why it’s so important. Of course, you want to be more satisfied with the name, we should pay attention to the nature of the need to pay attention to. So, do you know what the name of the store is now?

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