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Qingdao actively build three City

around the innovation boom after another, Qingdao as a coastal first-tier cities are now being deployed to build not resigned to playing second fiddle, "three hit" city, which hit three? First, the city of innovation, two is the capital of entrepreneurship, the island is the island of three. Three hit action soon, there will be more opportunities in Qingdao.

Shinan District in the process of organizational learning, called on the masses of Party members and cadres quickly put the thought and action of the central and provincial and municipal arrangements, a profound understanding of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to Congress and the Secretary Li Qun interview spirit, accurately grasp the connotation of the "three hit", is dry, as a brave, dare to play, make the new and greater contribution for the construction of a modern international city livable happiness. Next, Shinan District will further optimize the environment for innovation, enhance the entrepreneurial motivation, stimulate creating vigor, better environment, more effective measures to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, let more South creating innovative, entrepreneurial success.

"whether it is a passenger, or do we plump washing machine, they are the product of the era. In the Internet era, the national "two hit" boom, Qingdao city "three hit" action, provides a very good atmosphere for our business, coupled with the Haier transition to the platform, let our entrepreneurial environment more relaxed, let more people have the opportunity to contact new things." Wang Zhengtao told reporters.

"innovation cannot do without" political energy. "." Secretary Li Qun in an interview with the media to explain the city to support entrepreneurship policy package to further support the three hit policy efforts are further increased. Yesterday afternoon, the city held a news conference to announce the recommendation

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