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How to open jewelry store location

has not done the jewelry industry, it is impossible to imagine such a small product can contain so much profit! Jewelry industry is a real profiteering industry! So want to go to the jewelry store, how should the site?

site in the shop for, to maximize access to more customers, location is very important. The following small series will give you some small suggestions:

1. passenger traffic is the most important.

2. with well-known stores.

select the local female consumers often appear, such as popular busy shopping malls, clothing city, female stores.

3. use the "get together" effect.

if the shop product advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4. select low density area.

if the shop is not obvious characteristics of product or business experience is not rich enough, you can avoid the competition, choice of jewelry store "low density" coverage of local

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