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Open cabinets should know the secret location

home market fiery, dazzling home furnishing products to consumers with a wealth of options, but also to investors to get rich opportunities. Some people would like to open a cabinet shop, in order to quickly attract attention, they need to choose a good location. Here to give you some tips on the site, look at the cabinet should know what to open the five site secret?

1, superior geographical environment, as consumers, the first choice of criteria to enter the cabinet store is a store geographical environment for business cabinets stores, in addition to considering the role of your shop sales abroad (such as customer, if it is convenient for direct import stepped ramp and block the flow of people is large enough, whether in the VIP access to the stairs next to the door, whether import), should also evaluate the groupkey enrichment and its impact on brand image.

2, convenient traffic conditions, traffic problem is very important to everyone, store location is convenient, is one of the important factors that directly influence, customer flow generally enter the store customer traffic and local traffic flow in a certain proportion. To avoid traffic control in the streets of the site, the store in front of the car to have a suitable location.

3, a good advertising space: shop signs, signs, posters, display and so on, these common advertising props for store sales role can not be ignored, used properly can play 42 dial one thousand jins effect.

4, on the future business environment and the change of rental property: with the rapid development of many of the city, the transformation of the old city is likely to encounter in the operation, set up shop first to investigate and understand the local city planning, avoid the easy demolition of the "dangerous" area set up shop.

5, choose a professional market for the brand or home shopping center: grasp the flow of money is the money flow principle, but do not superstition, to local conditions, cabinet stores are not the more lively place better.

above is about the cabinet shop location of some tips, each is from the details of the grasp, carefully examine each link. Therefore, if you want to open a cabinet shop, then we must do a good job in advance of the site, pay attention to every detail, so that investment is more secure.

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