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The principles to be followed in the barbecue shop

Barbecue project fiery, so many people have seen the prospects of the entire field. In fact, open a barbecue shop, not as we imagine as long as the product is good, good location on the line. When you really start your own business as a barbecue shop owner, you will find that these are not enough, want more customers, business and service is very important.

A good image is the first

to ensure product features

the first time whether our products are unique in management of project selection, characteristic catering catering industry today is a magic weapon for winning, barbecue is even more so, to continue to learn and improve their own barbecue, attract consumers with the most authentic taste. In addition, some shops just wanted to blindly seek large, thus ignoring the details of the grasp. Practice has proved that only from the characteristics, grasp the details, in order to do a good job of their own shop.

promotions follow up

grill according to store their performance to determine their own promotions, the real profit to the customer, on this basis, stimulate consumer purchasing desire and purchasing power, give full play to the most direct and effective way of promotion. There are many types of promotion, we must choose the way to meet the store, such as: discount card, full 100 back to the way the 30

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