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Wang Lamei started all by himself

woman is not easy to start a business, want to start a successful business, it will pay more. As the saying goes, behind a successful man, there must be a woman who silently pays. For tens of thousands of small and medium private employers, it should be deep feelings.

2009, the economic crisis, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the main lobby at the front; "defend the enterprise" between many private owners overnight anxious white hair…… In order to ease the pressure of her husband, the boss who also from the background to the front desk". Since then, the boss not only at home as a wife, mother, daughter, daughter role, but also in her husband’s factory to assume financial, administrative, logistics and other jobs.

11 for a month, reporters came to the town of Dalang Shabusha Tong industrial area. The huge industrial zone on the sign, the remaining business name is not much. Along the grassy road, into a house, approached, only to see the standing sign printing factory.

2009 finally came through

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