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Computer experiential marketing has been sought after by consumers

now the society becomes more and more intelligent, computer to the thousands on thousands of families, almost everyone has a laptop, which seems to be the trend of development, so many people went to computer sales, but computer marketing is a method, so as to get more wealth, now the most popular marketing is experiential marketing, here is to understand!

2001 in August 21st, Lenovo launched a series of new commercial – Open computer. Chen Shaopeng, vice president of Lenovo, said: This product line reflects the association of industry thinking and understanding of the customer, Lenovo is using the comprehensive customer experience concept to create a full three-dimensional quality boutique. Lenovo believes that in the era of comprehensive customer experience, not only to user needs in-depth and comprehensive understanding, but also putting a full range of experiential and respect in the products, allowing users to feel respected, understood and concerned.

9 4, Hewlett-Packard Co and Compaq reached $25 billion M & A transactions, becoming the new boss IT. The news came, shocked the whole world. The president of the Hewlett-Packard Co in · Lina (CarlyFiorina) proposed "comprehensive customer service model" (TotalCustomerExperience), led by the new HP product economy, service economy to experience the traditional economy.

10 25, Microsoft Corp was described as the most reliable design and performance of a new generation of * * operating system WindowsXP global market, Bill · Gates said the new operating system for people to "redefine between people, software and network experience". "XP" from "Experience", the Chinese meaning is experience.

12 2, American futurist Alvin · came to CCTV dialogue program site. The predicted the "third wave" of the arrival of Toffler again to everyone predicted: the service economy is the next step to the experience economy, people will create more and more experience with related economic activities, businesses will provide experience on service to win. For a time, the experience of the word in a variety of media all of a sudden heat up, not only in the field of IT, traditional industries have also come together to focus on the experience of the enterprise. But in the end what is the experience, what is experiential marketing, how to implement an experiential marketing strategy? Read this article, I think you will have a deeper understanding.

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