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Leveraging venture capital to ease the financing difficulties of Rural Entrepreneurship

rural entrepreneurial environment is all the difference on venture capital that has been scared off a lot of entrepreneurs, to promote rural entrepreneurial process, we need to solve the problem of venture capital.

"played more than ten years of hard work, not always in floating, fortunately outside learned skills, had to go home myself.  , "recently, the head of the Xuancheng farm iron stew Zhang Lewen recalled the years of exile from the days sigh.

in the face of migrant workers entrepreneurship entrepreneurial facing high cost, heavy taxes and other practical problems, Xuancheng city government rent together for migrant workers entrepreneurship tailored tax "Easy Access", positive for migrant workers "relaxed".

now, to hold the "Employment Permit" return of personnel in our province established individual industrial and commercial households, individual owned enterprises, can enjoy the policy of tax reduction or exemption according to the provisions.   tax incentives to landing, migrant workers to solve worries.   "Xuancheng Local Taxation Bureau Chen Jun believes that the Small and micro businesses for the first time home business, in addition to the implementation of the relevant preferential policies of the state, the local government can introduce relevant policies within the prescribed scope of powers of migrant workers in the implementation of tax relief in 5 years, to migrant workers into the recommended

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