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The distance between the manager and the leader is only five changes

a lot of times, it is easy to confuse managers and leaders together, that the two concepts of the same meaning, in fact, is not the case, the leader can be said to upgrade the manager. The distance between the manager and the leader needs to experience the following five changes, the interest can take a good look at.

1 from specialist to generalist

through direct investment, the company established a standardized assessment system in every department, to ensure that the new leaders quickly grasp the situation. Even if the company had no such system, smart leaders can establish relationships with colleagues of other departments to learn from useful insight (you might get a thorough understanding of their leaders, departments) to develop their own templates, is outside the box can attack jade.

2 from analyst to integrator

The main duties of

3 from tactician to strategist

A core function of

new role is the company’s general strategy division. To do this, he needs to ignore the details, emancipate the mind and time, and pay attention to the higher level. More generally, he needs to have a strategy

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