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How good ideas translate into market demand

innovation and entrepreneurship environment continues to improve, but entrepreneurship is definitely not a smooth sailing, in the wave of entrepreneurship, calm calm is very critical. So, how can the good idea into market demand? See experts for your weapon!

the mass innovation, entrepreneurship, inspired many students to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship to. However, some people questioned whether the rate of innovation and Entrepreneurship Project landing rate is low, whether it can really play a significant role in promoting the growth of college students? Many students said that the innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students as a kind of exercise, the accumulation of a good quality, not just to win.

high failure rate of College Students Entrepreneurship

"in the beginning of entrepreneurship, I have experienced several failures, heard a man said, at the beginning of the 99% college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship will fail." Xie Dongyuan, a senior student at Hainan University, says he has successfully registered a company and is doing well.

Xie Dong said, the beginning of innovation and entrepreneurship, due to the actual situation of Haikou do not understand, see the "youth space" do well in Beijing, to innovate the mode in Hainan. Can be completed when the project was not found to be popular. In this regard, Xie Dong began looking for the reason that the atmosphere and the actual situation is not the same, the needs of students is not the same.

"innovation can not be afraid of failure, this process may be that everyone will experience." Xie Dongyuan said that he had failed in the face of failure, but ultimately decided that since the choice must go on, because in the university campus innovation and entrepreneurship to accumulate many of the future growth and development of his excellent quality.

social experience is the key factor of

"because of the lack of social experience, tend to make their own innovation partial ideal, and thus can not be applied to real life." Hainan University School of mechanical and electrical innovation teacher Zhang Yan said, the project received many VCs landing needs to be transformed into market economy, however, the college students’ awareness of social problems, make things too idealistic is one of the key factors of project can not fall.

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