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The most vulnerable to the failure of the six entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship is the most difficult, in order to keep going smoothly, not only have the courage, but also wisdom. Must be in the business, conduct a detailed investigation and analysis, do a good job in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Generally speaking, in the entrepreneurial process, there are several people are more likely to fail!

do not understand the market

for big business

staged a price war

and lack of management concept of autonomy according to law. Needless to say, in the normal operation of some people in China is to rely on loopholes or go policy edge and rich, such as the thinking to the early start, will inevitably lead to many adverse consequences of the law, some enterprises to hire illegal workers, students luck does not perform a minimum wage, not to buy the necessary insurance, no necessary fire protection measures, once the problem is too big to bear the loss.

can not bear the loss of

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