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Women’s Federation of Shandong province 2015 training of women’s employment in 120 thousand

the scale of women’s entrepreneurship in China continues to expand, proving that the current Chinese women’s pursuit of career achievements are rising. Shandong provincial women’s Federation in last year’s work to increase efforts to support women’s entrepreneurship, to help 120 thousand female compatriots to achieve successful employment goals.

promote at all levels to do practical things for women and children, women and children at all levels of project project 287. Promote the establishment of gender equality consultation and evaluation mechanism, gender equality into the mainstream of decision-making. Active maintenance of rural women’s land rights, promote more than 90% of the village (community) in the land ownership registration certificate has been issued the "make common people" column, to ensure land rights of rural women do not hang neutral".

care services for women and children’s achievements. Rural women to achieve two cancer inspection work counties (cities, districts) full coverage, over the past year the province invested 290 million yuan, free inspection of 2 million 38 thousand people to raise funds of $22 million 550 thousand to help poor women in poverty of 8044 people. Continue to implement the "poverty relief" mother "Spring Bud Plan" "love action" and other public projects, raise funds, goods 46 million 500 thousand yuan, to help poor women and children 87 thousand and 300 people.

2016 Province Women’s Federation will further increase women’s entrepreneurship and innovation services support efforts to promote women’s home entrepreneurship. Vigorously implement the "women’s Poverty Action", strengthen skills training, highlight the industrial poverty, promote the mutual promotion of love out of poverty, poverty alleviation. The innovation of civilization construction work family, women and children to further optimize the development environment, innovation of women’s rights, promote the establishment of local laws and regulations policy consultation and evaluation mechanism to promote gender equality at all levels and the relevant departments, formulated the "anti domestic violence law" implementation measures, domestic violence and other supporting regulations, rules of warning.

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