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Why is your enterprise employees poor execution

no matter what line, the executive force of the enterprise is the focus of attention should be the boss. On the face of it, the poor execution of staff seems to be the problem of employees, in fact, the boss is the main reason. In the past, the enterprise management consulting services in the process, often encountered some business owners asked me the same question: how to solve the problem of poor corporate performance? Why do you have poor execution? Industry experts pointed out that poor corporate performance is just a representation, and mismanagement is the essence, the reasons are as follows:

1, the strategy is not clear:

have not developed a clear strategic objectives, strategic objectives or unreasonable and lack of operability, or is affected by the external environment and the boss personal influence and swing changes, resulting in internal day-to-day management activities of the lack of strategic guidance and direction, and we do things to do, not for business goals while working, the enterprise managers and employees do not understand why you want to do this? Do not know how to do the right thing?

2, the structure is not reasonable:

3, the system is imperfect:

Many enterprises do not lack the

4, personnel mismatch:

is influence the execution of corporate employees initiative important factors, enterprise managers and staff’s quality, ability and experience will affect their business strategy, business planning and execution of the work of the different understanding and performance of enterprises, "handsome", "will" and "soldiers" configuration failure recommended

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