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What is the process of ice cream shop

delicious ice cream is a lot of people can not refuse, an industry is also a lot of entrepreneurs want choice, in fact, in today’s society, for many modern people, ice cream is an indispensable element of life, leisure time to eat, shopping time to eat, especially by young people, children’s favorite family. With the increase of ice cream, ice cream shop entrepreneurs will increase. If you are interested in this project, look at the ice cream shop process!

is the first stage of preparation, first of all need to understand the market, product awareness, consumer groups. Competition in the industry, on their own human resources, financial resources, time to make an overall assessment. The size and shape of the shop, the characteristics of the product positioning and price strategy. The investigation of joining the brand, the source of the supplier, capital preparation, etc..

second stage is the implementation process. For joining procedures, complete part, ice cream shop all bar seats, as well as production equipment, operation process, select all equipment, water, electricity, and power to determine all of the completion of procurement, supervision.

third stages from the opening to the first month of business. Opening day of the event, the need to pay attention to the customer’s reaction with the original shop there is no gap between the ideal.

join shop:

when choosing an ice cream franchise, we must seek a franchise has many years of experience to join, to do the preliminary investigation work, the best to choose their own love week become friends of the brand, even they have eaten a brand.

equipment procurement:

soft ice cream machine, hard ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, Smoothie machine, refrigerator and other related equipment to search for ice can through Alibaba, then goods than three, can buy cheap and practical equipment.

opening cost:

ice cream shop in the required conditions and the size of the restaurant is almost equal, the area from 10 square metres to 80 square can, the scale and level, the funds needed are very different, high-end stores, mid-range stores, micro shops and roadside shops still very huge.

location shop:

For a

ice cream shop where the school nearby, pedestrian street, commercial district, department store counters, etc. are all good choices, in order to avoid vicious competition, is similar to the ice cream shop is best not to within 500 meters around the distance. This is a good choice.

good health:

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