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Barbecue project introduction

what would you like to do in this cold winter? Xiao Bian suggested that you can join a self-service barbecue shop, in this winter, the business must be like a fire like a barbecue fire. If you want to join the election what barbecue shop? Here is to introduce some good word-of-mouth brand.

NO.1: Zhuge fish

Zhuge is to fish fish based series of product features, halogen, perfume, fish cuisine Kung Fu series products supplemented, divided into two series, spicy fragrance. The millennium history history secret recipe, seasoning, exquisite technology, combined with the characteristics of Chongqing Wang pan, rich flavor, bright red soup, spicy but not dry, nutrition, eat not dry, not Wang, taste fragrance, but not greasy oil, has won the trust of consumers. Has a leading market share.

The use of

ingredients is "a unique Zhuge fish" in the making, whether or marinade soup, after hundreds of times the test Zhuge fish, make full use of material characteristics of Chongqing Wang pan, Zhuge fish not only fish flavor, has a unique and rich flavor of Jiao Xiangwei material, lead a person to endless aftertastes in playback, eat a hundred tire, Millennium food culture at the same time, also lead the new fashion of modern cooking fish. From the cooking techniques, Zhuge fish from the original style and combined with the barbecue pot Wang meal; from the sense of taste, Zhuge fish with eight cuisine, which fully reflects the cover and contain everything, their own style and characteristics, the original one.

NO.2: taste crystal edge barbecue

19 century in the middle of 90s, franchising business model into our country. 2003, the taste of crystal edge Brand Management Co., Ltd. was established, and in the provinces and cities to carry out the franchise business, the formation of the scale of the crystal edge of the business network layout. To the first half of 2006, has been in various provinces and cities have 45 retail chain stores and franchise stores, taste crystal edge has become a mature, high-quality, unique, strong chain enterprises, by 2005, China news agency evaluation center as a "Chinese chain enterprise 50 strong".

NO.3: right Jincheng Korean barbecue

Beijing Jincheng Korean barbecue restaurant is right right Jincheng International Catering Management (Beijing) is a famous brand company, to operate the classic Korean barbecue, traditional Korean cuisine, fashion Korean fast-food products, is one of the provinces of the larger Korean agency at present.

right Jincheng products include 9 categories, more than 200 famous dishes, almost contains all aspects of the Korean diet. Jin Jin is committed to the Korean palace of traditional food and traditional food and innovation, from the service etiquette, install >

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