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China’s child prodigy rejected by Harvard

know that man is not a machine, but a living man. Therefore, everyone needs to develop in an all-round way. Of course, the so-called all-round development here, not everything to learn, but a normal person has the factors. Know how to get along with others, self-care ability, mental health and other things, this is everyone has.

"to develop the best boy" this book, mentioned a case. The book says, "Sedas was a well-known American prodigy. His father, a former professor of psychology at the Harvard University, believes that a person’s brain and muscles can be enhanced through training. In order to prove this argument, he decided to conduct a series of educational experiments on his children. SEDAS after birth, the father around his little bed covered with English letters, and in his ear constantly sending out these letter sounds. 6 months later, father’s education first "magical effect", small SEDAS has been able to put 26 English letters all remember, and can read out the sound. The fathers of their educational achievement is very proud, then, he used all textbooks to replace the small SEDAS toys, let him alone to study. The result of this really let the small SEDAS intellectual development quickly, two years old he can read high school textbooks, at the age of 4, he has published 4 articles, at the age of 6 also completed a study of anatomy. However, when the people of father’s education method SEDAS admiring, small SEDAS has shown some unusual move, for example, when not in the laughter giggle. In fact, this is because of his father’s excessive pressure to make his nervous system to start some of the initial performance of the disorder, but his father ignored the danger signal, continue to test. At the age of 12, SEDAS recruited by Harvard University. When people talk about the envy of infant prodigy SEDAS, but at the age of 14 due to illness and was admitted to a mental hospital. Despite his recovery, he returned to school to continue his studies and achieved excellent results, but he had long hated his father’s tests and praise. He was eager to live a normal life. Then he ran off and made a change names, the most common clerk in a store."

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