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15 Ways to promote the sale of the boss no longer have to worry about sales

an additional value promotion

word-of-mouth promotion: invitation invitation rebate ceremony;; praise polite; praise rebate list type promotion: such as, certain essential oils, all net sales of the first

brand promotion

two, designated


make promotional: first sale buyers (the first ten buyers exclusive exclusive price (half); the role of mother price); old customers preferential price (two times the purchase preference); new customers specify product promotion: gift promotion (e.g., buy A send B); additional promotion (e.g., plus one dollar, one more piece).

three, sales of

bundled promotion: gift promotion (e.g., buy A send B); additional promotion (e.g., plus one yuan, more than one) collocation promotion: A+B price (such as clothes, trousers bought together, minus ten yuan) continuous promotion: the purchase price for the first time, the two time to buy half price

four, leveraging the promotion

hard disk

attachment type promotion: such as, Olympic sponsors, Moumou sponsored brand

five, bonus promotions

sweepstakes promotions: buy lottery lucky customer


promotional coupons: coupon; cash coupon; coupon; shipping coupons

promotional gift

seven, seasonal promotion

eight, pricing promotion

full promotion: send; full minus


unified price promotions: full 2

sales return

free promotion: free trial; free

rebate rebate promotion: full reduction; return is

spell Discounts: full pieces >

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