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1+1 model of entrepreneurial ideas

entrepreneurship is not a good way to go, a lot of difficulties on the road to entrepreneurship, how to take their own entrepreneurial road? Be sure to find a way to find a good way, the following Xiaobian for you to take the entrepreneurial ideas of the 1+1 model!

What is the

1+1 is good, the two complement each other, in many ways to attract customers, make full use of the facade space, lower facade rent, without a large number of decoration stores, not carve consumer groups, because the first project manager has a lot of consumer groups, if you open the related project, it can attract their consumption at the same time, reduce the investment risk, once the business failed, the loss is much smaller than a single window.

see a small series of reports, whether to bring new ideas to you, bring a little help? The road of entrepreneurship, long and not easy to go, only to continue to explore, practice, and constantly find ways to succeed!


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