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How much is the ice cream to join magnum fee


Dragonica ice cream? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity. Moreover, to join the project or very has the advantage of ice cream first choice. Join the project is to join magnum ice cream, project!

is wall’s’s magnum ice cream brands, big brands are guaranteed, so now to join magnum ice cream is a good choice.

, the world’s largest producer of ice cream, wall’s has a long history of ice cream, which is owned by unilever. Wall’s officially entered China in 1993. The establishment of just six months, wall’s ice cream sales exceeded 3 million 500 thousand liters, Dragonica hit Unilever global ice cream company operating the first year the highest record sales.

magnum ice cream franchise fee of about 100 thousand yuan, is a small investment project. With almost perfect taste, parity, as well as a variety of consumer support policy, in a short period of time has been rapid development, leading the industry to develop a new fashion. In fact, our ice cream conforms to the trend of market development, more in line with the objective law of development of the beverage market.

we all know that a person’s business, will always be very lonely. However, the choice of business to join magnum ice cream, is a very good choice. Join the choice, headquarters to provide a lot of support!

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