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Talking is a good skill – management of the whole shop

a store involved in the operation of the technology is very much, which can speak is a very important skill oh. There are two customers in the door, the husband stood at the door to greet: "go in and see what?" I looked up to see, hey, acquaintances, immediately solemnly correct: "not go," please come in "customer immediately laughed and said:" you will not do business, look at your wife, the same people, a year to earn 200 thousand more than you". I immediately interface: "You Ji Ji, thank you," the two customers looked at, and happy smile.

store, the store often laughter flying, let passers is curious, happy will be infected, will attract business, you do not look at the letter, the two customer, one for a breakthrough, the store in a continuous line.

as the saying goes: "you can not run the sale, not your business can not grab," said yes. However, in welcoming hospitality, we must respect the customer, so that customers shopping in a cheerful mood, often less a few customers and procedures, so you bargain, how much do you want, customers will be happy to give you much, do not believe you try.

sees every business as a business that has to be done. With this mentality, will keep the customer in mind, this type of marketing is called "wynn". What is safe? For example: the husband went out on the goods in the afternoon, I came here to buy a two guy. The right to pick the left pick, open, saw a bag and a bag, this time, I told myself to be calm and natural, can not be upset, but can not hate. I also boast at large the better to apprehend him him: "you pretty careful boy, the little boy usually buy things carelessly, take away, but you? Careful, wide and narrow, thin and thick are everything, really rare, more cautious "

customers a listen, the heart like wiping honey. Flattered, so happy, immediately pull into the distance between me and the customer. He was a little embarrassed, to give me the chaos of the mess to sort out, I said nothing, do not like to put it on the top, look at the other, back to your uncle and then tidy up. By the way, put on a look of disapproval.

he picked a quilt right away. And asked me to have a thermos bottle? I said, let me into the store, took him to a thermos bottle, water heater, socket, do not engage in price, say: "my aunt this much money? How much is that?" Basin, towels, soap, one by one. I gave it up, it was a good account. You may rest assured that after the two small customers will often come.

Chinese language is very complex, will certainly be helpful to talk about business, but if you can not speak, it can be detrimental to the development of business. In short, the speech is also a skill, a sincere heart; two to three open; to be honest, fair trade; in the impatient, happy.

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