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Ding Shiyuan hopes 30 years before the net worth billions of dollars

a successful entrepreneur, is bound to have unknown hardships and pay. According to media reports, a follow-up of China’s richest young people’s latest list shows that 80 after the birth of the rich, no one graduated from Peking University or Tsinghua University, which is the top two universities in china.

1990 was born in Ding Shiyuan is the youngest richest man on the list. List shows that two years ago, he graduated from Shenzhen, a Career Technical College, no study background, and now he has created two companies, with 12 million yuan of wealth.

The growth path of

Ding Shiyuan extraordinary and they are known in the offbeat, on behalf of China 90 Regal, all rely on their own hard work.

the slightly longer hair, a casual, so he is very young, but the gold necklace, Benz, and made him look a bit old and sophisticated. When talking with reporters, he rarely smiled, reflecting a less commensurate with the age of calm.

"parents want me to live a stable life, but I grew to love the challenge, I hope to live a life impulse and break." Ding Shiyuan said.


12 years old, just graduated from primary school, Ding Shiyuan in his spare time to learn the news, marketing, psychology and other courses.

15 years old into the beauty industry

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