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Chenzhou Mangshan Yao village rely on being out of poverty

although many of the major cities of China’s economic development level has been in line with the world, but there are still a lot of small cities slow economic development. This year, we Tulibaji hop ecological agriculture company stones, keep being only 320, has sold more than 20 yuan, stock valuation of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, more than a year to usher in the first dividend!" In December 28th, Xiling village in Hunan province Yizhang County Mangshan Yao Township Village jump stone, filled with festive, warm and warm, the rows of black pig meat, a stack of RMB, 25 poor households, one went to the stage to receive "bonus" — household cooperatives dividends 4000 yuan, yaozhai all farmers being 5 pounds of meat.

jump stone, a thousand years of history of the Yao village, at an altitude of over 800 meters in the hillside, the whole group of 28 households more than 80 poor households are Yao cellular. Here they are sunrise, sunset, lived a poor life simple. In 2008 after hardened cement road, improve the living conditions of people, but still not really rich.

2015 in May Chenzhou City Mangshan Tulibaji farms limited to ancient grazing "being settled, the establishment of the" Tulibaji hop ecological agriculture company set up cooperatives and stones, 25 households in the, each accounted for 50% of the shares, raising a total of 170 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan, the loan being poverty restaurant operating income of 160 thousand yuan invested a total of 530 thousand yuan. Farmers are responsible for farming, according to the company unified acquisition pricing.

The father of He Yong

being introduced: "Chairman Mao said that all power to the peasant associations, farmers self participation, increase knowledge, turn the concept, the realization of prosperity. Benefit will be better next year!" Cooperatives farmers do the main, participation, cashier, accounting villagers have their own election, we are very happy to support.

Xiangxi black pig and wild boar hybrid varieties "after the local black pig, Mangshan" grazing in the mountains, eating fermented corn, soybean, rice bran, drink mountain mineral water, fresh meat, crispy, terminal retail price average more than 100 yuan per kilogram, in short supply.

Hunan Mangshan Yao village rely on being out of poverty, improve the poverty situation, effectively improve the living standards of the local people! The 62 year old Yao cellular and poor households Deng Longgui and his wife are very excited: "so long, is the first time the dividends, thanks to the black pig, let us taste the taste of poverty," dividends "no problem!" At present, the county government invested about 800000 yuan to expand into the mountain road, has started construction, the poor village is on the road to get rich.

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