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The collision — Nicola sweet chocolate art exhibition held in Jilin – the whole

delicious chocolate to bring more people to understand, held in Jilin, the chocolate art exhibition, to bring people more understanding, rich people’s knowledge. Different shapes of chocolate to bring more awareness, it is worth the attention of countless people, won the praise of people.

since March 8th, the sweet collision – Nicola chocolate art exhibition in Jilin, Jilin Museum exhibition. It is understood that the artist has produced more than 700 pieces of chocolate art.

use pure chocolate, almonds and other raw materials more than 1 thousand and 500 kg. Pictured in March 16th at the scene of the shooting of the "Terracotta Army" as the theme of the production of chocolate art.

a lot of visitors in the sweet collision – Nicola chocolate art exhibition, attracted more chocolate, it is worthy of recognition. And you know what? Sweet collision – Nicola chocolate art exhibition brings together more features, so that people see a different chocolate, you are still hesitant what?

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