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Dessert world to the United States to pure

on the importance of desserts in the minds of consumers? There is no happy life, how to say is tasteless, of course, to all aspects of life as happy, and the food and beverage industry, the source of happiness to dessert. In the traditional Western-style food, dessert menu is the last dish, as a postscript of the book, if not you will regret; and in the Chinese, dessert is often a extra thing, but not, life will be boring.

dessert to the United States to pure

western style desserts, always the best in France and Italy. Referring to the French, always think of Melaleuca pie, cake protein, puff, French delicacy always has some vanilla doped them, bring some special taste. The most famous is the Italy Tiramisu (Tiramisu), the word originally meant "take me away", which ultimately bitter coffee, eggs and sugar moist, sweet alcohol, chocolate fragrance, dense finger biscuits, cheese and cream of thick incense, dry cocoa powder, it the "sweet" and sweet can evoke the various perplexing experience upon a layer of interpretation to the extreme. Referred to Germany, the United States will always think of Schwarzwald, this is a grand dessert similar to German cuisine, rough and delicate.

in Chinese food, dessert is often overlooked. Chinese dessert, often sweet some straightforward, the kind of stubbornness is far less than the Chinese tea culture to be restrained, but also part of our mood. Southern dessert to the north, a lot of people go to Hongkong, no longer simply to play shopping, but the heart can not give up dessert snacks. In Hongkong, everywhere can be seen "sugar shop", it is a good place to meet. But now, many places have a dessert stores and outlets, has no difference, so the taste of the dessert, loving people, it is a big happy event, no longer far away to run far away places to eat, can enjoy dessert, enjoy, enjoy the mood.

sweet desserts, need some sympathy. Sweet, not too far, is the true color of the dessert. In the Western-style food recipe in, dessert is "Dessert"; in Italian, sweet is "Dolce"; to our mouth, sweet is a kind of changing music, sometimes slightly, sometimes is delicate, sweet fruit, vanilla, chocolate…… So many sweet forms of sweet side. Sugar is sweet, but sweet is not sugar. Because the sugar is too chemical, mechanical, and dessert, it is supple.

a sweet, there will always be a lot of side, a good dessert, but also give people a different taste. Sweet is often extra, and because of this, it is a little sweet. Ambiguous is not sweet but barely veiled, softly; should not be stretched out loud, "

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