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How delicious the whole of investment

delicious joined the project selection, are generally very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. How about delicious Jane? Very strong brand join project. Healthy and delicious, trusted brand to join the project. If you join the delicious Jane project, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

how delicious? Delicious delicious? Traditional Chinese food and beverage industry, due to strong randomness, it is difficult to quantify the characteristics, makes a successful restaurant chain enterprises difficult to replicate, quality is difficult to guarantee, it is difficult to make the scale of Chinese enterprises is difficult to become bigger and stronger. Especially in the Han Chinese palace on behalf of all seats long live in Beijing delicacy, can only provide services to spread to all over the world. But delicious in the ten years of development, will cause the focus to the development of modern industrial products in the field of Royal delicacy, established meiweizhen holding company under the limited company of science and technology, the construction of Chinese technology platform to a mature system. Completed the Chinese food system decoding, mastered the standardization of Chinese food processing process, the Chinese classical culture and advanced technology of overseas perfect combination.

How delicious delicious delicious

?? today, meiweizhen has launched a patent product "Royal sea food and poultry", "Royal braised shark’s fin" and "Royal" fruit gift boxes and other products, won the gold medal of achievement China patent for ten years. Through the efforts of Chinese food delicious, no longer with the fry cook, daily necessaries company, but will the preparatory work of science and technology standardization, industrial system in the Palace Restaurant Chef, chef will replace by the factory, from the numerous and diverse work of liberation, only focus on the cooking operation and performance, is conducive to quality control again, to retain individuality, let the Chinese industrialization more vitality. The use of delicious products, can save 1/3 of the kitchen area increased more than 1/3 of the business area, for catering enterprises to save land property costs, enjoy the Chinese standardization achievements.

How delicious delicious delicious

?? to create replicable Chinese products, establish a high-quality cultural brand, relying on patent technology and large-scale production of organic food processing base, meiweizhen through ISO9000:2000 quality system certification, and access to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, and access to the EU market certification. People from the taste on demand, sublimation people for nutrition and health, recreation and sports demand.

from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Chinese experienced the most prosperous Dynasty, the royal court retained the most abundant diet, the highest and most healthy way of cooking nutrition. After three hundred years from the feast to 10 years with something delicious, Royal treasures Catering Technology and culture with the world through the realization of the integration, creating a wider public welfare.

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