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CPPCC members concerned about property management difficulties

yesterday, reporters learned that the Xining municipal Party committee said in the proposal: in recent years, some residents of Xining city residential tenants and property services companies in the property fees, parking fees, residential environment, property management fees to optimize the publicity and other contradictions and problems are becoming increasingly prominent, some residential tenants fee collection standards, property service fees etc. in the parking lot, there have been many disputes with the property services company, affect the entire residential property service quality, therefore, establish and perfect the legal system of property management service and policy imperative.

the proposal pointed out that in recent years, residential tenants and property services companies trust there are residential tenants of the rights and obligations is not fully clear, tenants and property services companies and lack of standard, the rights and obligations of the property services business specification is not enough, the property service enterprise policy support is not enough etc..


proposal: 1 the improvement of property management services, perfect property service charge system; establish and improve the 2 rights of property management service obligations symmetric equality mechanisms among them, tenants and property services companies have established property management regulations and rules of the right to participate, tenants and property services companies share a common hearing right through the establishment of 3; the mechanism of mutual trust, both sides paid service contract signed in accordance with the law and other measures to create tenants and property services business atmosphere of mutual trust; 4 property service enterprises to create a diversified business model and create fine residential property services; balance of 5 property service enterprises should be transparent, detailed, accurate, timely publicity to tenants and tenants, enjoy the right of supervision of the property service enterprise. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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