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Bank of Qinghai improve the efficiency of credit to create sunshine credit

in the party’s mass line of educational practice, the Bank of Qinghai to the views of customers as a mirror, the customer’s expectations as the direction, starting from the rectification of the problem specific, as good as good, so that the credit approval process faster, more convenient, more closely with customers.

simplify credit process, improve credit services. Focus on customer opinion, a prominent problem for the party, collective consultation, thematic analysis, carry out the "skills, strict management, high quality, and promote development" theme of practical activities and fine process efficiency, strengthen the system construction and other special governance activities, a catch in the end. In view of the service object "problem loans cumbersome, too many links in examination and approval, approval time is too long," revised "Qinghai bank credit review system", issued "on the norms of credit review and approval of the notice" and the time limit for each branch, exercise limits the approval time compression from the original 9 days to the 5 day, head of Credit Department of examination authority for examination and approval within the time compression from the original 5 days to 4 days.

for the people pragmatic, sunshine Service customers. Head office leaders take the lead, the whole line of 618 employees conscientiously implement the Party committee of the Bank of China launched the educational practice of sunshine credit optional action, solemnly signed a letter of commitment. Public commitment to improve the transparency of the loan, improve the efficiency of the loan, and resolutely do not accept customer gifts and banquets, not to borrow money, borrow money. "Sunshine credit" activities carried out fully and effectively prevent the business for the "chinakayao" illegal phenomenon, under the supervision of the masses through 24 hours, the real implementation of the "transparent" operation.

benefit people’s livelihood, the true feelings of customer service. Bank of Qinghai has developed three measures to help people favor. One is in the province of financial institutions in the first deposit rate will be a floating ceiling, according to the provisions of the central bank is 1.1 times the permissible limit of the implementation of the benchmark interest rate, so that the people get benefits. Two is the reduction of the five financial services fees. Namely: personal account, credit card SMS SMS charges Sanjiang fees, personal online bank transfer fees, enterprise online bank transfer fee charge 50%, Sanjiang ATM debit card interbank cash withdrawal fee, to maximize the benefit to the people. The three is the introduction of "Sanjiang debit card mani — demand deposits regular income, so that customers enjoy the savings deposit facilities, and enjoy the fixed rate savings deposits, so that customers return than savings income is 7.4 times higher, realize the maximization of the interests of customers.

back to the community, the practice of corporate responsibility. Bank of Qinghai based on the broad sense of serving the community in Qinghai, committed to the practice of corporate responsibility, social feedback. This year, in response to the call of the provincial Party committee, actively participate in the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, invested 1 million yuan to support the construction of new rural village small clay Xia Zhen Ping An county. Recently, as the Red Cross donation of 1 million yuan for the elementary and middle schools in Xining Province, the university about more than 6 thousand classes equipped with first aid kit.


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