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Huangyuan in the second half of 2012 will go all out to do three work to promote the development of

First, take the initiative to undertake the transfer of provincial industrial strategy

is a initiative to undertake the transfer of provincial industrial strategy. based on the industrial base, aiming at the surrounding market, carefully organize the plan for the construction of modern animal husbandry livestock products processing park. Strengthen the coordination of docking, actively seek the support of provinces and cities, and strive to have a big inclination in terms of project funding, tax, industrial layout and so on, to slaughter and processing enterprises and the province of Xining to Huangyuan transfer, accelerate the formation of new base undertake the modern agricultural and livestock products processing. At the same time, make full use of financial leverage and financing platform supporting role, to expand investment channels, the implementation of animal husbandry standardization, ecological demonstration field Yijiangdaibu policy, to increase livestock breeding, forage harvesting machinery subsidies. Seriously study and formulate new ways of rural private financing, encourage a variety of economic entities and individuals involved in the development of the industrialization of animal husbandry, to further promote the transformation and development of animal husbandry.

two is continuous improvement of the economic cycle of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry system. according to the development of circular economy construction of national twelve provincial Party Congress in the first district of the objectives and requirements, seriously study and formulate measures to support the leading enterprises and the development of planting and breeding bases, and vigorously promote the production of forage industry, deep processing of agricultural and livestock products and livestock products brand building, to promote the extension of the industrial chain and the development of enterprise clusters. Focus on the cultivation of high starting point, large scale and strong impetus to the rural cooperatives and large breeding, improve the profit mechanism, the growth of market players, promote the transfer of agriculture and animal husbandry specialization and division of labor, to promote the integrated development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry, service industry and the depth of circulation system of county economic development.

three is the construction of the guarantee system for the development of modern animal husbandry. Security mechanism of animal husbandry production factor positive innovation capital, technology, land and other inputs, to speed up the breeding, development and utilization of forage, animal epidemic prevention, animal products quality supervision and market circulation system construction, focusing efforts on sales of livestock products and market information platform construction, careful planning of Regional Livestock Products and wholesale market the production data of the wholesale market, to speed up the establishment of county and township level two animal husbandry information network, promoting the sharing of information resources, to improve the level of livestock product circulation and market risk early warning ability. At the same time, to further improve the organization, project support, technical support, coordination and management of the fine management service mechanism, strengthen coordination between towns and departments, formed to promote the development of modern animal husbandry powerful force.


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