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Houzhi green advantage beautiful luster Qinghai province to further promote the construction of ecol

spring breeze mountain grassland, everywhere is green.

took advantage of the plateau in late spring, walking in the vast land of Qinghai, greeted the grasslands, lakes, wetlands, cattle and sheep…… This is the green life, the development of green, people’s livelihood green.

station in the "13th Five-Year" starting point, located in the western inland, ecological status is very important in Qinghai, further implement the new concept of development, adhere to the concept of promoting the coordination of economic and social development with the ecological protection priority, ushered in a new era of ecological civilization construction.

this is a popular concept of Ecological Civilization — start from the top-level design to full deployment, from the most stringent system to more stringent rule of law, the construction of ecological civilization of solid and orderly, more and more people realize: protect the source of Sanjiang, protect the "Chinese water tower", to ensure that a river of water to the East. Qinghai to build a beautiful China beautiful name card.

this is the beginning of environmental protection force Agglomeration — institutional mechanism of ecological civilization is becoming more perfect, "ecological" and "green" "green" has become a focus of hot words, ecological consensus into a positive force of the air plant, and the huge action.

this is the province’s green development background of bright start – the source of Sanjiang River, fangcaoqiqi flush, Qilian Mountains pine clouds, water flow, Qinghai Lake, birds sent a wide expanse of mist-covered waters…… When the environment is increasingly improving the ecological dividend, ecological beauty has become the province’s largest leap forward development of capital and advantages.

sing the main theme of the development of the green – beautiful Qinghai for the development of new advantages, new energy savings

Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest potential in ecology, the biggest responsibility is also in ecology.

for this reason, the protection of the ecological environment, the construction of ecological civilization, Qinghai economic development has always been the "key words" and "theme song".

review in 12th Five-Year, the province’s ecological civilization construction to a new level, advance the construction of ecological civilization in the first area, the main function, the layout of the space is constantly optimized, ecological strategic status has become increasingly prominent. At the same time, the development of green drive, the province’s economic and social development is experiencing mode to innovation and green development wheel drive "butterfly".

from "shadaheicu" to "high-precision tip", industrial manufacturing tends to be light and agile.

technological innovation and product upgrades to existing products, high strength prestressed anchor bolts of Qinghai Golden Sunshine special steel Limited by Share Ltd newly developed, welcomed by the market, at present, the product all over the country on both sides of the Changjiang River. Qinghai made to sell to the North Canton, thanks to technological innovation." He Lianshou, deputy general manager of the company said happily.

since 12th Five-Year, the province’s high-tech industry accounted for the proportion of industrial regulation increased from 3.4% to 6.2%, the province’s industrial transformation and upgrading of substantive steps.

from extensive to intensive change, the province’s ecological animal husbandry to the sun.

over the years, our province through the implementation of major grassland projects;

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