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Our province will improve the rural minimum living standards

4 month 11 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to further implement the nine plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, provincial poverty alleviation and development work conference and the provincial government "on the win ahead of the implementation of the views of" the overall poverty and poverty in Qinghai Province "special action plan" to reveal the subsistence poverty battle, give full play to reveal the role of the rural minimum living security policy, to ensure that our province to win the battle of poverty, in March 29th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Department of finance, provincial poverty alleviation Bureau jointly issued the "notice" on winning the battle out of poverty to the rural minimum living security pocket bottom work, make arrangements to rural minimum living security fallback.

"notice" clear objectives and overall requirements of rural residents reveal out of poverty. Rural minimum living standards and poverty alleviation standards to implement the two lines one year by year to improve rural living standards, by 2019 the province’s rural minimum living standards reached more than 4000 yuan. The main family members of all or part of the incapacitated, unable to rely on the special poverty population and industry support employment assistance to reduce poverty (low object) and severe disabilities, the minimum living security policy fallback.

"notice" put forward around the fight against poverty, to further strengthen and improve the rural minimum living security policy measures. First, strict examination and approval procedures for rural subsistence allowances, the two lines after a poor family into the minimum living security, the implementation of the examination and approval procedures should be completed, complete the relevant formalities. Two is to implement the classification management of tranches of subsidies to rural residents, "two in one" accurate found to meet the conditions of rural residents object are classified according to family income, and in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding subsidy standards issued low premium. The three is to improve the rural minimum living object file information, the requirements of the object file to achieve a household file, for the different types of objects, classified archive, and strengthen the improvement of the object of the electronic files. The four is to strengthen the dynamic management of rural residents, the implementation of poverty alleviation measures have moved out of poverty and low income families, timely adjustment of families guaranteeing exit; through various assistance measures still can not get out of poverty or special causes poverty, should be incorporated into the low range, yingbaojinbao. Five is to play the social assistance to improve the overall efficiency, an acceptance, collaboration for working mechanism, do aid policy organic convergence, rational integration of resources, assistance assistance data sharing, enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of comprehensive rescue time. The six is to do a good job in rural subsistence allowances, financial at all levels to increase capital investment, in accordance with the requirements of the "two lines and one" standard, timely and sufficient arrangements for the issuance of subsistence allowances.


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