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20 square meters of beverage shop how to earn $200 thousand

has a little-known beverage store in Hefei, although the store is only 20 square meters, but a year has a profit of $about 200000. To know a lot of peers, a good net profit of about 100000 yuan a year, then what is the secret to make money to drink shop


location secret: mouth accounted for angle, accounted for

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So what is

, mouth quasisociological? Is to open their own store at the corner of the intersection. Zhang said: This allows more passers-by to see, a certain increase in the amount of traffic invisible. I have done a statistical, perhaps not very scientific, but at the intersection of the corner to open than in the side of the road traffic increased by nearly 40%."

"in fact is quite good in the location of the bus stop near my store, although not in the side, but not far away, about 200 meters, when many people waiting for the bus will buy a drink." Mr. Zhang said.

"beverage stores need to close those sales can take out food stores, specialty food stores (such as Roast Chicken shop, pizza shop). Because these foods do not drink, and people eat when drinking habits, just form a complementary."

A, drinks is a habit. Now 80, 90 at home do not drink boiled water, more inclined to drink. Like convenience stores around the community, in addition to a number of fast food, tobacco, beverages ranked third in the sales list, the community needs a lot of drinks.

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