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District residents travel inconvenience part of the bus lines will be optimized

for Jia Ronghua sunshine District, Nanshan Road extension and other sections of the district residents travel inconvenience, the City Transportation Bureau will optimize the bus line.

it is understood that, in order to solve the Jia Ronghua sunshine District, Nanshan Road extension residents travel inconvenience, according to the scheme optimization of Xining city network, city traffic bureau organize relevant personnel to the scene several times, according to the survey and research suggestions residents decided to adjust the line to optimize the layout of the line. From May 1st to 36 Road extension line to the south, along the line after the 36 bus stops as yanggouwan, Roca, Roca, Wan Wan vehicle, Jin Yuan junction, training base, ten in the East Road, Ming Xing Road, the new shop, Golden Bridge Road, CMC building, light district, Jia Ronghuayang the people and the road, Nanshan Road, Huang Zhong Lu Kang Xi Xin Cun, Taining, South Garden, Golog Road, 536 hospital, woods corner, Kunlun middle school, children’s Hospital, Xining Mansion and Jianguo road. In addition, the Jing Yue apartment residents travel inconvenience, relevant responsible person told the reporter, I will vote again this month with some new buses will increase the original bus line number and departure time in order to ease the encryption, community residents travel inconvenience. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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