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Do four cadres

General Secretary Xi Jinping always do with the hearts of the party, the hearts of the people, the hearts of the responsibility, there is a heart, a seemingly simple words summed up a leading cadres should also be required to do. In the heart of the party, the leading cadres are required to adhere to the party and the party, to be loyal to the party, to follow the will of the party and to act according to the principles of the party. Adhere to the heart of the party, is to firmly committed to the party, resolutely obey the party, resolutely safeguard the party. For those who slander the party, do not believe that the party’s rumors resolutely put an end to. There is a party in mind, not an empty slogan, it should be the direction of the actual action of leading cadres. Firm ideals and beliefs, to maintain political concentration and position, firmly believe in thinking, unwavering action, the decision of the CPC Central Committee instructions, adhere to the implementation of. In the face of the current international situation of the wave Jue cloud, has always been a firm communist ideal, enhance political awareness, firm and correct political views, and seek common development, the Party of one heart and one mind, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream".

hearts of the people, the leadership of the people always ask the heart of the people, willing to public servants. "Eagle, the ship; then, the water; water boat, water resistance, the power of the people is great, politicians should always respect the people for the people, so as to make the society more thriving and prosperous. Leading cadres must adhere to the masses from the masses to go, the people of the good, the people of evil evil, and always put the people’s livelihood as the focus of governance.

heart is responsible for leading cadres to perform their duties, the courage to play. Xi Jinping, general secretary, said: cadres have to play, how much can be done in order to do so much work, how much responsibility will have much success." As the saying goes, the train runs fast, all by the front seat, a local economic and social development with the local leading cadres have a direct relationship. Therefore, the hearts of leading cadres should always remember the responsibility of officials, to practice their own responsibility, for the people. We should strengthen our faith in any work, develop and innovate, dedicate ourselves to our work and make due contributions to society.

have quit, leading cadres have fear, said to have quit, the line has ended, do not do any things irregularities. If you want to know straight, it will be the yardstick; to know the radius, it will rule, so there is a ring in the heart, the line has been tied in order to become a good leader. General secretary Xi Jinping said: "to carry the black gauze cap clerk, cannot cover the official official, it is emphasized to have quit heart, have quit will have a degree. Leading cadres every word and action for a region, every act and every move, party and government have a great effect, must practice the three three real strict, always maintain concentration, refuse the temptation to hold the bottom line.

"a thousand miles; not small streams to into a river", "four" written in the heart, the practice of "four" in the line, and constantly improve the quality of their own self-cultivation, keep learning the advanced knowledge, the courage to forge ahead, you can become a qualified leading cadres.


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