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Ensure the supply of stable prices to promote consumption – the provincial capital market knowledge

New Year’s Eve, according to the provincial government to guarantee stable prices for working arrangements, the government and relevant departments at all levels pay close attention to the implementation of the work, the reporter in the survey of the provincial capital of Xining, the market of vegetables, grain, meat and other necessities mainly supply, stable price.

increase distribution, to ensure that the holiday market supply

in 2014 "New Year’s Day" is coming, the reporter visited the Xining major farmers market, supermarket, agricultural and sideline products distribution center, see the shelves of vegetables, fresh, grain and other necessities of life, abundant variety.

reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to ensure the new year and Spring Festival period of two market supply, Xining city in accordance with the protection of daily consumption combined with the principle to meet the emergency needs, establish a sound long-term mechanism the meat to ensure the distribution of reserves, reserve the meat transfer into, storage is maintained, tube well, well, to ensure market supply. According to statistics, the city put a total of 20 thousand tons of vegetables stored on the allocation of new year’s day during the deployment of frozen beef reserves of about 150 tons, lamb, tons of fresh pork, 400 tons, beef, 200 tons. In addition, to be from Sichuan Deyang transporting vegetables, during the two plans for transporting 16 thousand and 400 tons of varieties, celery, lettuce, spinach and other leafy vegetables and root vegetables.

with the new year and Spring Festival approaching, oil consumption will also enter the season, the reporter learned from the provincial Food Bureau, during the two will guide the grain and oil enterprises to further strengthen the supply organization operation, seize the favorable time for the state subsidies of rice procurement costs in Northeast China, and actively organize and guide enterprises to purchase new grain production areas, enrich grain inventory, ensure that the local grain reserve scale in place, guarantee the supply of grain and oil products market adequate.

stable prices, so that people feel at ease holiday

to protect this winter and spring, meat and vegetable prices steady for the main necessities of life, higher rate of vegetables in Xining City, the organization of transporting 10 thousand tons, the supply of cheap pepper, turmeric, garlic 600 tons. Provincial Food Bureau will further improve the work of government parity of grain and oil, to ensure that the government parity of grain and oil prices play a significant role in guiding and leverage, quality and quantity, so as to benefit the people.

Qinghai Tibet Plateau Agricultural Distribution Center Deputy General Manager Lin Zhao told reporters, in order to stabilize prices, and the center of the city 10 supermarkets, 20 wholesale and retail stores to increase the docking, wholesale price of about 10% cheaper than the general channel. At the same time, Xining agricultural and sideline products operating company set up 13 transportation centers, retail to provide cheaper than the market of 10% vegetables, to ensure the stability of the vegetable before the holiday. During the Spring Festival, the distribution center is not closed, to ensure the supply of vegetables in the province’s people.

in addition, in order to ensure consumer safety in the market during the two sessions, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the provincial administration of industry and Commerce led to do temporary price supervision and inspection work actively with the departments of price, strengthen market supervision, to price gouging, fraud, hoarding and profiteering, virtual city pa;

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