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Datong County to ensure that 70 thousand students safe and warm winter

in recent years, with Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County layout adjustment, school safety engineering construction projects, to take effective measures to vigorously implement the "warm education project", a number of measures to ensure the safety of students warm winter. At present, although the outdoor cold, but the classroom as warm as the spring, the county nearly 70 thousand students in a safe and warm environment to learn, feel comfortable.

multi-channel financing of the county, the county’s 27 boarding schools to implement the transformation of the boiler heating project, and effectively solve the problem of school heating in winter. At present, the county has a total of 37 schools using boiler heating. Beginning in October each year, requiring schools to overhaul the boiler pipes, radiators and waterways and other facilities and equipment, eliminate security risks, to ensure the safety of school heating work, normal, orderly. The county education department take the method of leading the pack, cadres of the school, the school for heating comprehensive inspection and safety work, and requires schools to regular maintenance of heating facilities, heating sufficient funds, an ample supply of coal for heating, and always do the safety awareness remain, safety alarm bells ringing. (author: Su Jianping Jiang Shugui)

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