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July 6th to 8 Xining section of the road traffic control

In July 3rd, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Traffic Police Detachment learned that, according to the needs of the event, at different times in July 6th and 7, 8 days in Xining City, part of the road within the jurisdiction of the implementation of traffic control.

thirteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race will be opened in the city of Xining Lake District on the morning of July 5th, July 6th started across the city, across the county, inter provincial road of Xining area after another criterium and other stage activities. In order to ensure that each stage of the tournament is completed, Xining city traffic police detachment according to relevant regulations, the implementation of traffic control on the part of the road under the jurisdiction of Xining city. Which in July 6th at 9:30 to 14 o’clock, the implementation of traffic control for road: Silver Ling Street, Peach Road, Yuen Street, Haiyan Road, Xinning Road, victory road, the Yellow River Road, 54 bridge, the Yangtze River Road, West Bridge, West Main Street, Tongren Road, Lake Road, 54 Road, Cold Lake Road, 54 Road West long; July 7th 9:30 to 15 o’clock, the implementation of traffic control for road: Huangzhong County town of 158 County Line Road, DOPA DOPA street, 109 state line road, bridge, road, Xichuan, Department of Sea Lake Road, Lake Bridge, Sea Lake Avenue, Wei road two, Kang bridge, 227 state line road, Datong County of Jiefang Road bridge bridge, old hill entrance area, highway 105 line (Liujazhuang to highway 105 line, G Er Ma) (g to Liu Jia Zhuang Er Ma), 153 County Line Road (Liujazhuang to YOUFANGZHUANG), 107 County Line Road (YOUFANGZHUANG to Yongfeng), 118 County Line Road (Yongfeng Bridge The head of the town); in July 8th 11 to 13 o’clock, the implementation of traffic control for road: Highway 102 line (mutual to Xining), rhyme ieguchi Road, unity bridge, Bayi Road East, Ming Road, Kunlun Road, Kunlun Xing Road, Kunlun Road, the upper bridge of Kunlun bridge, upper Kunlun Road West, South Road, State Road 109 West line.

it is understood that during the traffic control, the control section adjacent to the road, the tunnel will also be implemented traffic control, in case of traffic diversion is blocked, will also be related to other sections of the implementation of temporary traffic control. The traffic police department prompted the public during the game should consciously safeguard the traffic order, do civilized comity, via the control sections of the vehicle to advance detour route choice, obey the traffic police command, any violation of traffic regulations, will be severely dealt with according to law.


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