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Xining City West District tax bureau on behalf of the steady growth of the work

as of December 23rd, West District Local Taxation Bureau to complete the trade union funds levied 8 million 880 thousand yuan, up 23% over the same period last year, a net increase of 1 million 660 thousand yuan; collect storage disabled security payments 5 million 610 thousand yuan, an increase of 660 thousand yuan over the previous year, an increase of 13%; complete the price adjustment fund levy income 13 million 160 thousand yuan, an increase of 5 million 90 thousand yuan, an increase of 63%, a the best level in history.

in the Bureau of trade union funds levied, the protection of disabled persons in sign, the price adjustment fund levy work, in strict accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, take effective measures in accordance with the law, ensure the advance over a year to complete the task to collect. The main performance in the following aspects: first, taxes and fees, to ensure that the union funds, the protection of persons with disabilities, the price adjustment fund collection status. The "three generation" sign in the same arrangement, examination and assessment, with the implementation of the levy work into the global standardized management assessment, the tax bureau levied tasks completed, collect quality included in the year-end assessment content, guarantee the storage capacity of the generation of the levy. Two is the quality of service, the establishment of "green" collection channel. The trade union funds, disabled security payments, the price adjustment fund collection work, give full play to the exemplary role of the tax service hall window service, to provide a "green" channel as the payment unit, collect personnel to change the role of empathy, really will transform into the role of taxation cadres Service role. To pay the funds personnel, adhere to a greeting with a cup of hot tea, warm heart, a smiling face with the high quality service, really make people happy and pay, satisfied. Three is widely publicized, to create a good social atmosphere. In the new policy and content of the collection of work by posting, publicity, flyers and other enterprises to pay, and actively improve the payer’s understanding and support, improve the enterprises pay consciousness and initiative on behalf of levy. Four is to strengthen sectoral coordination, to build a joint effort for the levy. Take the initiative to convene a joint meeting with the units at all levels are levied, improve the system of coordination, regular transfer information collection, grasp the enterprise funds and accurate information, research and consultation to solve the existing problems in the process of collection, lay the foundation for the effective implementation of funding levy work. Five is verified through research, scientific decomposition issued on behalf of the task. Bureau leadership team from the beginning of this year, the tax authorities in the depth of the three levy levy and the number of households to carry out the investigation and verification of the base, and timely decomposition of the task assigned. The bureau is in charge of the leadership many grassroots, timely research on solving problems, to further rationalize the collection work, and timely set up funds to collect the work of the special inspection group, the tax bureau of inspection work, provides a good guarantee for the completion of the annual advance collection task, promote the healthy development of levy work. (author: Zhang Shuzhou)


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