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Sunning Plaza on the north side of the official opening

In November 2nd, the reporter saw in the sunning Plaza, due to underground parking lot construction project was closed three years Plaza on the north side, now with a new look in front of the public: sinking small square, the type of flower for large area stool leisure area, green belt…… Let the eyes of the public. The same day, the reporter saw in the sunning Plaza, containment of the square on the north side of the three year of the blue tin finally disappeared. This is in the downtown section of the city, has become a lot of people’s leisure fitness square again full show. Reporters saw the reopening of the Plaza on the north side compared with before the change is quite big, the former division square area road, is a neat pedestrian replaced North Square Center added a small sunken square and curtain wall, adds a modern cultural atmosphere to the square. Two public leisure area is divided into both sides of the sunken plaza, not only a large area of green areas, but also paved the gravel trail, an increase of the square of the public rest area. People walking in the square is very curious about this new area, pacing back and forth careful taste. Public Zhang aunt every day to square dance, in her eyes, the reopening of the Plaza on the north side compared to the previous activities more area, especially the sinking of the square, we can also be there for as to the stage, performing." Reporters learned from the relevant departments, sunning Plaza due to the needs of the construction of underground parking spaces, closed part of the ground green. For the implementation of the municipal government square open and still green to the people as soon as possible, the municipal government set up a public parking lot sunning Plaza comprehensive renovation project steering group, to promote "green people" in the stage of work. In civil engineering construction, foundation pit earthwork backfilling, sidewalk paving and other infrastructure projects, the relevant departments of the square of the landscape, the only flowers have 300 square meters, covers an area of 22000 square meters of lawn. In the landscape lighting, the relevant departments have also been carefully designed, featured lamp post, cast light, wall lamp, buried lights Qi battle, so that the square can also show a different kind of beauty at night. October 31st, the investment of about 70 million yuan of sunning Plaza Plaza, the official opening of the upper green space.  

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