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The city’s agricultural annual report and regular report training meeting held smoothly


  in order to do a good job of agricultural statistics, November 26th, Municipal Bureau of statistics and farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau jointly held the 2011 comprehensive agricultural statistics 2012 annual report and report regularly training session, more than 40 business personnel in three counties of the city’s four district and related business departments participated in the training. The main content of the meeting was arranged in 2011 agriculture, agricultural basic accounts and township, down towns annual work arrangements for next year, agriculture and agricultural work report regularly. At the meeting, Zhao Qiurong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics of the city’s agricultural statistics were summarized, and do a good job next year, the agricultural statistics put forward specific requirements. She asked the county statistical personnel to seriously understand the spirit of the meeting, strict data quality, timely accurate and comprehensive completion of agriculture and agricultural annual and periodic reports, realistically reflect the situation of the development of rural economy in Xining City, as the municipal government decision to provide true and reliable data. The Department of agriculture of the city Bureau of statistics business personnel report specific reporting methods and precautions were carefully explained training, and answered the participants concerning all aspects of problems existing in the report. Training sessions, but also in the 2010 annual report and quarterly results in the work of the outstanding achievements of the advanced units and individuals were commended in 2011.


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