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Qinghai flowers sing Taiwan

2 days in Taipei, the weather is cloudy, and Da an Forest Park music scene area is full of people surrounded by trees, bustling. From Qinghai Province, the blue and white show here for the people of Taipei offer authentic flowers". "Flowers" is also called "the youth", is one of the most popular form of folk songs, Qinghai province is short and vivid, sonorous tunes, who lived in Qinghai Han, Hui and Tibetan, Tu, Sala, Dongxiang and the security of national common favorite folk songs. By the "cross strait publishing exchange center" and the Qinghai radio and television co sponsored the "cross-strait love · heart to heart – Qinghai Flower Concert" will be this very characteristic form of Qinghai into Taiwan. The concert has 18 tracks, actors dressed in ethnic costumes, sometimes solo "flowers", and for the audience to show now singing, now dancing, "Pingchuan look up the mountains", "the moon", "mirror when pulling the boat" and other classic tunes. Taiwan Aborigines have also performed the welcome dance, garland dance and so on. Hu Wenlin, the elder sister of the Tus, sang "flowers" as "the elder brother is like white cotton". Sister Hu Wenlin said, although this is their first time to Taiwan, but has felt the friendly Taiwan compatriots. "From their cheers and applause, I can feel their special enthusiasm and love our performance." In the afternoon, Da an Forest Park music All seats are occupied. stage area, walk in the Forest Park in Taipei Daan many weekend people gathered to follow the song, stop taking pictures. A 80 year old man surnamed left the day before yesterday in the newspaper to see the performance of the Qinghai performing group news, he and his wife came from the suburbs of Taipei. He said, although don’t understand the words, but can feel the rich ethnic customs, "I see the show, the most important thing is to say on this activity support, hope to have more cultural exchanges between the two sides of this." The organizers said, "Qinghai flower" concert in Taipei after the show, will also perform in Nantou, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Yilan and other places, the form of similar Daan Forest Park, to open the show.  

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