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Three days before the holiday, the province’s main line of highway traffic over twenty thousand vehi

  from 0:00 on September 30th, the province’s highway all the police to give up the rest, adhere to the traffic safety and smooth line for the majority of tourists escort escort.

Provincial Public Security Bureau leadership supervise


"you worked hard…… To express my heartfelt thanks to you!" The morning of October 3rd, the Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Lu Yuanqing, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps deputy chief Changbai Shi De and Tao Xue Bin responsible person, has come to dopa, the Beijing Tibet Expressway and Chaoyang Chaoyang North toll station, in a cordial condolences to their police line during the festival at the same time, a detailed understanding of our province highway traffic management and traffic conditions.

Lu Yuanqing learned that the province’s highway into a long holiday, there is no traffic jam after a large area of the situation, said happily: "this is good, that our efforts are not in vain!" Lu Yuanqing said that this holiday is a toll road to carry out the following 7 buses free access to the first holiday, due to the large traffic, but also the lack of experience, traffic management work is more severe than ever. Especially in the past few days, a large area of the provincial highway congestion phenomenon, has aroused widespread concern in society, become the focus of discussion. He encouraged the police continue to work to achieve Tuiqin, hands and mouth, only run away, command, more publicity and education, in order to ensure the freeway flow, so that the majority of traffic participants do not block the heart.

all police posts 24 hours escort

reporter came to Beijing Tibet Expressway Chaoyang North toll station, highway traffic police detachment four brigade captain Li Lianghua is leading the police to divert traffic at the toll station. When asked about the holiday, he said with a smile: "we have been since September 30th, there has been no rest, although some tired, but every time we see the road is very satisfied."

"during the National Day holiday, our detachment stopped off, all the police on the road, to ensure the smooth flow of highway safety, to secure the toll station congestion." Highway traffic police detachment Zheng Jianjun said, in order to deal with the peak of golden week, the highway traffic police detachment in the plans at the same time, government departments will actively together, study new situations and new problems of traffic safety situation and analysis of the possible, and take effective scheme.

during the festival, in addition to the arrangements for the police stationed 24 hours outside the provincial service station, but also the use of a combination of fixed and mobile patrol inspections, increase law enforcement checks. In the traffic flow bigger toll station, through early hints and channelized lane, physical isolation measures, set up special mini bus free channel, arrange counseling, guidance and toll free vehicle toll lane, toll stations do not ensure the hair growth time, long distance queuing phenomenon.

in addition, the highway traffic police detachment for the lack of the police brigade, but also from the deployment of personnel to form a mobile team to assist the brigade to deal with the affairs.

3 days before the holiday traffic steady

in the province’s highway traffic police efforts, I governor;

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