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Two the village got public kindergarten

reporter from the West District Bureau of education to get good news, the new semester, the district fully launched the three year plan for pre-school education (2014 -2016).

according to the plan, the district will be in accordance with the public welfare of preschool education and inclusive principle, vigorously develop public kindergartens, plan period, step by step in Yang Jia Zhai village, Liu Zhai village new two public kindergartens, and complete the Xichuan Road Kindergarten construction projects. On this basis, to encourage social forces to organize kindergartens in various forms; actively support the development of private kindergartens, especially for the general public, lower fees inclusive private kindergarten development. Relying on the preschool education teacher training base and research base of preschool education, strengthen the private education aid and operational guidance, prevent and correct the "primary school" tendency, the promotion of private education capacity and quality in the region to gradually form the backbone of public kindergartens, private kindergartens as the main development pattern of preschool education and the public private common development.

also, in creating a beautiful campus, the district will focus on infrastructure projects in the region’s education with the integration and construction of digital campus, such as the construction of the relocation of Zhangjiawan primary school, strengthen the campus environment, pay attention to teachers and students of environmental protection education, to ensure that the school became "Yuankan is a park, close a garden, into paradise the three garden style school.


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