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The disease control project was extended to 39 counties

reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission has learned that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, members of the provincial leading group of endemic disease prevention units in accordance with their respective responsibilities, focus, grasp the key, and strengthen measures to seriously organize the implementation of planning and control in our province. Disease action plan, to further improve the prevention and control of the working mechanism, increase the prevention and control of implementation of the tasks, take comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic investigation, screening, treatment, dog insecticide, health education and other measures, a strong impetus to hydatid disease prevention and control work and carry out, to a certain extent reduce the harm of hydatid disease of the masses, and achieved remarkable results.

since 2006, the province began to carry out the implementation of a number of hydatid disease prevention and control projects, has been extended to the province’s 39 counties. The new achievements of prevention and control of hydatid disease in our province are as follows:

– comprehensive prevention and control mechanism initially established. The implementation of the main responsibility for the prevention and treatment of hydatid disease at all levels, the establishment of a multi sectoral composition of the leading group for the prevention and treatment of hydatid disease, the formation of a government led, department responsible, the whole society to participate in the long-term working mechanism. Initially formed a good posture of the various departments together.

– prevention and control technology has been strengthened. The science and technology sector in recent years will be included in the hydatid disease prevention research program, joint research organization multi sectoral, interdisciplinary, in-depth study of etiology and epidemiology of hydatid disease hydatid disease prevention and control; all strengthen team construction, supplement of hydatid disease prevention and control professionals.

– prevention and control investment continues to increase.

– prevention and control measures to be effectively implemented. Among them, take the "provincial hospital for diagnosis and treatment center of state (city) hospital for treatment base – county hospital for medical treatment station township (town) four level hierarchical linkage mechanism of health institutions for treatment and management station", standardize the diagnosis, follow-up and management specification. Provincial, state level 17 designated medical institutions have covered the province’s 8 cities (States), so that patients with hydatid disease nearby medical treatment.


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