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Ten action called summer tourism brand

in order to create a national tourism standardization demonstration city, the city will carry out ten themes to create action, to create a number of well-known tourism brand, accelerate the pace of tourism development.
– "golden plate restaurant catering culture. The tourism catering industry services, food quality, service level, health environment, facilities and equipment, management system as the main content, carry out the "catering units of gold and silver and copper grade rating activities. Create a "gold" tourism catering more than 6 units, to create "eating in Xining" brand.
– "quality management" to improve the level of accommodation. The development of brand, chain, themed hotels, hotels, promote the transformation and upgrading of the accommodation industry, optimize the industry structure. 30% of the tourist star hotel to complete the assessment of green Turist Hotel, Turist Hotel information management system coverage of more than 80%.
– "safe entry" optimization of transportation service. Increase the main scenic bus shift, to extend the operating season. Actively coordinate the railway, civil aviation sector to increase the main source of trains and flights for the rapid development of the tourism industry to provide transportation security.
"upgrade" solid foundation area. Standardize the A-class scenic service guide, visitor center and other facilities, to further optimize the scenic functional zoning, tourist signs guide system, accessibility facilities. Speeding up the construction of key scenic spots such as Kumbum Monastery scenic spot and the 5A scenic spot of the park.
"transformation and quality service model innovation. Accelerate the transformation and development of travel agencies, the use of standardized means to reform and improve the travel agency operation and management mechanism. In the tourism line and product development highlight the characteristics and adaptability of Xining, to achieve a reasonable, standardized and efficient travel service model, travel agencies to complete the rating of 6.
– "integrity services" Specification for consumer sites. Standardize the management of tourism leisure and entertainment venues, establish and improve the infrastructure and service standards, with standards, norms, quality service, to extend the time for visitors to stay, increase tourism consumption.
– "the tree of excellent training" to strengthen the tour guide team. Strengthen the training and management of tour guides, and constantly improve the ideological and moral quality and professional skills, establish a good image of service.
– "warm and convenient" to improve the tourism service. Accelerate the construction of tourist distribution centers and Tourism Consulting Center, increase parking, tourist facilities set up for tourists to provide advice, ticketing, transportation, shopping, experience, such as warm and convenient service. Standardize and improve the urban road signs, etc..
– "clean standard" to promote the upgrading of tourism toilets. Comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the city, scenic spots, national and provincial public toilets along the way, establish a strict, scientific and effective management system and sanitation cleaning system.
– "win-win cooperation" to promote the joint development of tourism. On the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, promote regional tourism cooperation and the Silk Road city node, coordinate the "ring summer tourism circle" in the scenic tourism standardization service.


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